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Curlious Manchester Terrier History

Hi, I'm Kate, a home-based Manchester Terrier breeder near Moncton, New Brunswick. I knew I wanted to share my life with dogs since before our family welcomed our first dog in 1993 (a Siberian Husky), but my involvement in the world of purebred dogs kicked off when I brought home my first Chinese Crested in 2004. I registered my kennel name Curlious with the Canadian Kennel Club in 2006.

Manchester Terriers are a newer venture for me; in 2020, I, like many others, was looking to make a meaningful contribution and help with a vulnerable low-numbers breed. Promoting the versatile Manchester has been a passion ever since. I'm so glad I inquired about the sleek black and tan terrier that most people never consider when looking for their next companion.

Get in touch!

Kate Barnett
Tel: (506) 233-2275 (That's 233-BARK!)
E-mail: kate@curlious.ca
Located near Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Kate poses in her Curlious jacket with a black and tan manchester terrier on a nature trail in autumn

Club Affiliations and Memberships

Rey with one of her puppies

My Responsibilities as a Breeder

I consider myself a responsible preservation breeder, and to me, that means I am accountable to my puppy buyers and the breed as a whole. I stand behind my puppies and will always take them back if their home situation changes. I am available to my puppy buyers in a mentorship role or simply offering support. I educate myself on genetics and advancements in health screening procedures. I plan each litter with the future in mind, not only this generation but generations to come. I show, train, and compete with my dogs in venues that confirm their capabilities and enrich their minds. I am an active member of my local all-breed kennel club, my National breed club, and my National Kennel Club. I abide by local and provincial by-laws about dog ownership and stay aware of policy changes. I share my knowledge freely with those who seek it. Finally, I am a student of the breed, always eager to learn more.

Meet the Big Dog: The Afghan Hound

For my 30th birthday, I treated myself to a new challenge; enter the Afghan Hound, Castle! He wasn't much bigger than a crested when he arrived home from his breeders in Pennsylvania, but that didn't last long! Castle has served as a sighthound ambassador, gentle protector and guardian of puppies, and tester of my grooming, training, and handling skills.

a a black masked red afghan hound

Am/Can CH Taji Curlious Dreams In Red MazShalna CGN NTD

CH Thaon's Starpower x CH MazShalna's Outlaw Torn Taji

a hairless chinese crested sits next to a puppy afghan hound

Past Champion Chinese Cresteds

During my involvement with the Chinese Crested breed, I have had the pleasure of owning, breeding, and handling a variety of hairless and powderpuff Chinese Cresteds. Below are just a few of those dogs. Their accomplishments beyond being Canadian Champions include Best in Specialty Show, Best Puppy in Group, Best Puppy in Show, numerous group placements, Canine Good Neighbour (CGN), and Rally Obedience. Many also achieved their Championship in the United States, and one went overseas to become a Champion in Sweden and Luxembourg!

Jagger, a black and white hairless chinese crested Maki, a black and white powderpuff chinese crested NV, a white powderpuff Chinese Crested
Cache, a black and white powderpuff chinese crested Mischief, a black and white hairless Chinese Crested Penny, a sable and white powderpuff Chinese Crested
Toque, a spotted black and white hairless chinese crested Nina, a white and sable powderpuff Chinese Crested Dylan, a black and white powderpuff chinese crested