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We've been involved with purebred dogs since we brought our first purebred puppy home in 2004. Learn how Curlious has evolved and grown over the years!

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Our 2024 Litter, the Mondegreens, were born on June 2nd! This litter is spoken for, and or next litter will not be until later in 2025 or 2026.

Curlious Manchester Terriers

Home of the Gentleman's Terrier in New Brunswick

Welcome to our digital home, where you can learn a little about me (Kate) and the Manchesters that share my home. While I do have puppies occasionally, I don't have a kennel facility; my dogs live with me in my home. We're active on social channels, give us a follow on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

I'm active within the dog community, participating in Canadian Kennel Club events around the Maritimes, occasionally traveling back to my home province of Ontario for shows. I'm a member of both the CKC and the Moncton Kennel Club, a local all-breed club of which I am currently a Director. I'm also a member (and Secretary) of the Canadian Manchester Terrier Club.

For a more in-depth history of the Manchester Terrier, please visit the Canadian Manchester Terrier Club or the American Manchester Terrier Club. While Manchesters are a healthy breed, responsible breeders still screen their dogs for health issues that can appear in the breed. Learn more about the recommended health clearances with the OFA through their CHIC program.

a small, short-haired black and tan manchester terrier trotting on a beach

Manchesters often get confused with other breeds when out in public; people ask if they are Miniature Pinschers (Min Pins) or a puppy Doberman. While Manchesters were influential in the creation of the Doberman breed, they have very little (if any) common ancestry with the Min Pin, despite their appearance.

Small black and tan dogs are often labelled as Manchesters by well-meaning shelter and rescue employees, hoping the rare-breed name will attract potential homes. Black and tan markings are commonplace, and Manchesters generally express a more distinct tan pattern than most breeds, typically displaying "thumbprints" on the wrists and "kisses" on each cheek.

What Should a Manchester Look Like?

A great way to learn about a breed is to familiarize yourself with the Breed Standard. Breed standards differ slightly around the world, as each club and each set of fanciers within that club can put emphasis on different characteristics they feel are important.

Download The CKC Standard
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